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When Dancing with Toddlers is a Political Act

In these troubled times, it’s easy to ask, “What can I possibly do as a mom / dad?” This past weekend, my family attended one rocking answer to that question. Welcoming immigrants and refugees to America is one of my … Continue reading

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Marching for the Future: The Women’s March on Washington

“Tell us what democracy looks like – this is what democracy looks like!” chanted by countless voices rang through the National Mall. I and two of my friends were in the middle of the Women’s March on Washington yesterday, along … Continue reading

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The Challenge and Beauty of Being an Activist Mom

Standing on the National Mall in the  February cold, I stomped my feet and tried to ignore how sore my lower back felt. Watching the stage, I strained to listen to the speakers, from Silicon Valley billionaires to Native American … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to Raise Kids Who Value Biking and Walking

Among the many skills I want to pass on to my kids, getting around on their own power is actually pretty far up there. Biking and walking places provides exercise, helps get kids outside (with all of the associated benefits!), … Continue reading

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Teaching Kids How to Serve Others at Christmas Time

“Did they have a home?” Sprout asked me. I had just finished telling him the Christmas story. “Yes, they did have a home after that,” I said, skipping the whole “escaping into Egypt” bit. While his question surprised me, it … Continue reading

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How Parents Can Help Love Trump Hate

The election of Donald Trump for president has unearthed a whole spectrum of reactions. While some people are triumphant, many of us are frustrated, sad, angry, and exhausted – including me. Trump’s future policies are likely to be disastrous for climate … Continue reading

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Outdoors Family Challenge Day 7: Apple Picking at Homestead Farm

As a native upstate New Yorker, apple picking runs in my blood. In my fourth grade class, not just one, but two of my classmates’  families owned apple orchards. While the picking – and especially the cider – isn’t as … Continue reading

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