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Reaching My Mid-30s: Reflections on 34

For all the hoopla, I didn’t mind turning 30. But 34? Nobody warned me about 34. 34 is definitively in your mid-30s – a milestone that I denied last year on my birthday. At that time, I felt surprisingly sanguine. … Continue reading

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The Before and After of Motherhood

I was never cool. All of those things women lament about giving up when they have kids? I never did them. Instead, my transformation as a mom has been more subtle but no less radical. I never went out clubbing. … Continue reading

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The Challenge and Beauty of Being an Activist Mom

Standing on the National Mall in the  February cold, I stomped my feet and tried to ignore how sore my lower back felt. Watching the stage, I strained to listen to the speakers, from Silicon Valley billionaires to Native American … Continue reading

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The Exasperation of a Blank Baby Book

Blank. Just blank. The empty page after empty page of my eight-month-old’s baby book stared at me in accusation. Even his name wasn’t filled in. Really? Crap. I specifically bought this book because it was supposed to be “easy.” Just a … Continue reading

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How to Be More Present and Mindful with Your Kids

Recovering from the chaos of the holidays, “improve mindfulness” or “be present” may be on the top of your New Years Resolutions list. I know it’s on mine! It’s especially hard to be present as a parent, when we’re pulled … Continue reading

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Why Our Kids Aren’t Our Accomplishments

The overly cheerful Christmas letter is a relentlessly parodied cliche. Yet it and its cousin, the perfectly cultivated Facebook feed, call to us: “You want us, don’t you? Your life should be like this. Your kids should be like this.” And then … Continue reading

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Sharing Values with Family Stories

  Sitting around the Thanksgiving table, letting the food settle before dessert, was prime storytelling time in my family. At my aunt’s house in New Jersey, we’d cram as many chairs as we could around the table. Instead of focusing … Continue reading

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