The Adventures of a Mom Just Trying to Make a Difference

Looking for a blog that covers both the surprising joys and teeth-grinding challenges of being a parent? That offers practical advice on green living and getting outside with kids while not shying away from utter failures? That isn’t afraid to tackle difficult topics like social justice but also has goofy shit like comparing my baby to a mole? If so, welcome! If not, welcome anyway. I love to have you here no matter what. I’d also love it if you’d follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m Shannon Brescher Shea and I’ve been a writer since I could hold a pencil. While I’m not making hand-bound books with my own illustrations anymore, I do write about my life and topics I care about, especially parenting and sustainability. I have two young sons, nicknamed Sprout (four years old) and Little Bird (just turned one). My husband Chris is a stay-at-home dad who does his best to somewhat moderate the chaos. We live in the Maryland suburbs of Washington D.C. Our goal is to raise kids who are kind, love learning, value sustainability, and are interested in exploring. This blog chronicles those efforts!

The blog’s name is from the classic children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. In addition to being my husband’s favorite book as a child, I’ve found that it has incredible resonance for me as a parent. We love it so much that we dressed as the characters from it last Halloween!

Previously, I wrote the blog Will Bike for Change (or Pie!), which focused on bicycling and sustainable food. I’ve also written for Parent.coHuffington Post, the Children and Nature Network, Pregnant Chicken, MamalodeRants from MommylandGreater Greater Washington, Simplicity Parenting, the New York State Conservationist, and Adirondack Sports and Fitness. Here’s a list of all of my guest posts. At my day job, I’m a science writer for the federal government.

Contact me via my email form. I do not write sponsored posts. However, I do welcome pitches for guest posts that fit in my areas of interest as well as relevant invitations to guest post on your blog.

2 thoughts on “The Adventures of a Mom Just Trying to Make a Difference

  1. Hi Shannon,

    I’ve got some good and bad news. The good news is that your blog is really awesome. The bad news is that I am sure you get hit up by bloggers like me trying to work with you all the time.

    My name is Jacob and I run a personal finance/lifestyle blog called I was wondering if you might want to do some sort of collaboration. I’d love to contribute a piece about saving money, life hacking tips for personal finances, or paying down debt. I actually paid down $25,000 in debt in under 15 months.

    From there, I would share the post to my 5.2k Twitter followers. This could be a good way for us to share influence/followers with each other. And, I’d be happy to accept a post from you on my blog if you would like.

    Would you want to give this a go?

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Kind Regards,

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