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The Power of a Hug

My arms wrapped around him, grasping him, clutching him. I squeezed his sides as hard as I could. His back straightened under my arms. I closed my eyes and pressed my cheek against his chest. This scene has played out over and over again … Continue reading

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7 Ways My Three-Year-Old is Already Too Clever

“What’s that?” my son said, pointing into the bathroom. As I looked to see what he was talking about, he ran in the opposite direction. At that moment, I realized that my son, at the tender age of three, had … Continue reading

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6 More Things My Baby Reminds Me of that are not Babies

My younger son has a remarkable ability to inspire comparisons to non-human creatures. While his smile is quite human – and adorable to boot – the noises and gestures he makes often aren’t. As he’s moved from a newborn who … Continue reading

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The Exasperation of a Blank Baby Book

Blank. Just blank. The empty page after empty page of my eight-month-old’s baby book stared at me in accusation. Even his name wasn’t filled in. Really? Crap. I specifically bought this book because it was supposed to be “easy.” Just a … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Winter Vacation

“This is the last Christmas we’re all going to be together!” my mother-in-law opines each year. This year, it was finally true. My parents left upstate New York last summer and my in-laws will be moving out West in the … Continue reading

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What Worked and What Didn’t For My Parenting in 2016

Before we can look forward to our New Years resolutions, it’s useful to reflect back, examining what worked and what didn’t this year. In the best case scenario, you know what to continue; at worst, you know what to stop … Continue reading

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Why Our Kids Aren’t Our Accomplishments

The overly cheerful Christmas letter is a relentlessly parodied cliche. Yet it and its cousin, the perfectly cultivated Facebook feed, call to us: “You want us, don’t you? Your life should be like this. Your kids should be like this.” And then … Continue reading

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