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Pajamas of Days Gone By

A pair of pajamas can make me choke up these days. Not just any pajamas, of course. Just the panda onesie. Or the fleece pajamas with the rocket ships. Or the ones that say “Out of this world!” Looking at … Continue reading

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6 More Things My Baby Reminds Me of that are not Babies

My younger son has a remarkable ability to inspire comparisons to non-human creatures. While his smile is quite human – and adorable to boot – the noises and gestures he makes often aren’t. As he’s moved from a newborn who … Continue reading

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Things I Appreciate About My Second Baby After My First

Some parents have “trick babies” – babies that are just so darn easy that you want to have another one right away. I literally cannot imagine a baby that simple – neither of my kids have been that easy. On … Continue reading

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Things My Newborn Has Reminded Me Of, None of Which Are Babies

When a baby is born, all of the adults gather around, ooohing and ahhhhing. Inevitably one of them says to the parents, “Oh, they look just like you!” This is obviously not true. Babies look far more like each other … Continue reading

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Babies and the TARDIS – More Alike Than You’d Think

My favorite show in all of space and time – Doctor Who – is back on TV tonight. I do a lot of thinking about parenting and about Doctor Who, so of course they’ve crossed at some points. In fact, … Continue reading

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Of Board Books and Bibliophibians

Chris caught Sprout “reading” earlier this week. He obviously didn’t understand the words, but there he was on the floor of his bedroom, flipping through a book page by page. As a touch and feel book, he was running his … Continue reading

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