What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Sunrise March 17 2016

Sunrise of the week. (Taken the day before Little Bird was born!)

This week, I was obsessed with constantly feeding my new baby! Thankfully, nursing a newborn for multiple hours a day plus burping means that I have an incredible amount of time to read. While I archive-trawled blogs when Sprout was born, I prepared a bit more this time. I downloaded multiple books and caught up on the many, many tabs open on my phone. So here’s just a sample of what I’ve been reading, from fun stuff to deeper articles.

“Walked a mile to nearest road.”  Six words that broke the author’s heart when she adopted her son and will break yours too.

When things go drastically, horribly wrong, here is some excellent advice on how to parent during and after a crisis.

With a small child (and now two!), we hardly ever get to the movies. But when we really want to see one, we often go separately. Zootopia was one of those movies and it was totally worth it. This review from Vox is a great breakdown why it’s not just a fun movie, but important commentary on prejudice and intersectionality.

“Turning away is not an option for people who have committed to the spiritual practice of showing up…. Compassion is your pain in my heart and back out through my hands.”

As a woman who was recently pregnant, all of the laws criminalizing behavior while pregnant are really terrifying. Even though I would never take any non-prescribed drugs while pregnant, my heart went out to the women described in this Mother Jones article arrested under chemical-endangerment laws.

On a happier note, profiles of ex-convicts that received training from one of my favorite charities, DC Central Kitchen, and now cook in local restaurants.

A Prayer for Mr. Trump, the Rage-Maker Whom We Do Not Like Very Much, and Also for Us, Who Could Use a Little Wisdom and Some Kindness and the Reminder That Hope, Who’s Been Hiding, Is Not Gone. We could use a Little Help.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is one of the most compelling and thoughtful writers on race and breaks down how the justice system has failed black families.

How Oxfam is shaking up international development, from investing locally to changing global policy.

Today’s News from Ilana Wiles’ husband is one of the cleverest things I’ve seen in a long time.

Climate change and mosquito bites covered in a funny and depressingly informative open letter.

Writing emails to certain co-workers that lack reading comprehension is something I don’t miss while on maternity leave. I’d love to send this article to help them translate what I really mean.

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