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Photo of the Week – Goslings!

I’ve been posting three times a week for the past few weeks, so I’ve got a whole backlog of articles! From sleep deprivation to nature and art making kids kinder, there’s a whole lot of good stuff here.

Cosmo is definitely not a regular read for me, but they’ve taken over Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter, which is quite feminist. Mommy guilt is a societal menace, as this article points out.

This article on playgrounds that encourage risk-taking keeps coming up in my Facebook feed over and over again. It knows me far too well.

Wild & Precious indeed.

Art + kids = kinder and smarter children?

27 Weirdly Hilarious Things Sleep-Deprived Moms Have Done. (via my dad emailing me this link!). I haven’t done anything nearly this bad, although I did drive away a Bernie Sanders canvasser when I answered the door in my pajamas. (I support Bernie but really didn’t feel like talking to anyone.)

What if you could have been part of Led Zeppelin and chose not to? This man did.

Fascinating family story about slavery, assassination, and revenge.

The best way to learn about an oppressed people is to listen to them. This art by Syrian refugees is amazing.

Such an inspiring young woman. I wish I could 1) find opportunities to make a difference like this and 2) actually take the risks to do it.

A female executive needs what male CEOs have always had: a spouse who bears the burden at home.

The British public deserves Boaty McBoatface!

A new, wonderful twist on the princess story – a transgender princess.

On telling folks you are pregnant – “the way you might respond if someone congratulated you on landing a brand new job that was much more stressful than your old job and that was filled with pain and uncertainty and sleeplessness and also paid nothing.” I tell Chris that he’s getting a promotion without an increase in pay when I go back to work.

Mamademics is a new favorite blogger! Melissa Harris-Perry was one of my favorite people on TV before she left MSNBC, so I love this letter to her.

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