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Where’s Sprout?

I started a new job this week! I don’t talk about my professional life here much, but it’s a great opportunity to do science communication with some fantastic co-workers. Other than immersing myself in articles relating to my new position, I’ve been reading about family biking, pre-natal health, relationships, and dinosaurs.

Kids and bikes are two of my favorite things. Momentum Magazine talks about the benefits of biking to school, while Rascal Rides interviews a car-free family in Sydney, Australia. (I didn’t know Australia was so bike friendly!)

Matrilineal societies are rare in human history, but this one in Indonesia is the world’s largest and pretty amazing.

What do you do when your father tells you that they’re a woman?

I’m a big believer in play-based learning, even though our version is very unstructured.

As one person on Twitter said (I don’t remember who), “I am a mom and Andrea Leadsom [one of the two women competing for British prime minister] is making me hate moms.”

Who knew Consumer Reports provided health care ratings? But they have two great articles on health and childbirth: Hospitals to Avoid if You Don’t Want a C-Section Birth and What to Reject When You’re Expecting.

“But in general, I don’t worry that he will be killed by police while playing in a park. In front of a store. While walking home with Skittles. While driving. With his hands up. Because my son is white.”

Being silent or teaching mere racial tolerance won’t solve prejudice. Only being actively anti-racist will.

Velociraptors were “fluffy, feathered poodles from hell.” You can check them out at a new exhibit, too! Puts that scene in the original Jurassic Park into perspective, doesn’t it?

Marry the person who will help you to the bathroom. (If possible, take care of each other while you are sick before you get married. Then you really know what each other are made of.)

He hits himself in the face with his tail!”

I really want to see this movie. Captain Fantastic isn’t made by Wes Anderson, but it sounds like it could be.

We just gotta let kids be kids.

A call for hope and being light in a ever-dark world from one of my favorite NGOs.

“Sitting in a hammock with one another, perfectly comfortable, not having to move, not having to adjust, just lying there. No need to worry about rope marks on their arms and legs. Just being.” And definitely not getting stuck while they are seven months pregnant. Because that definitely didn’t happen to me. Nope.

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