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Photo of a Siproeta stelenes, a green and black butterfly sitting on some leaves

A Sipoeta stelenes butterfly at the Brookside Gardens’ Wings of Fancy exhibit.

I haven’t done one of these in ages because of potty training and children not staying in their beds and babies and life, really. But I’ve still been reading and keeping my links, so I figured now was a good of a time as any to share them with you. This time it includes riding transit with kids, the biology of breastfeeding, learning through play, poking fun at Trump supporters, and adventure playgrounds in the U.S.!

Balancing is a myth – juggling is a reality.” Oh goodness, yes. And lately, I’ve felt like I’ve been dropping all of the balls.

Riding transit with kids isn’t as scary as it seems! Kids in the Stairwell does a great job breaking it all down.

I call them family field trips, not “microadventures,” but these are a lot of great reasons to take local day trips with your family.

“And then he did the most important act of all – he believed the young man when he said that he was in pain. He listened when he said he was hurting.” A Good Samaritan for today.

When everyone else in family got sick recently, Little Bird didn’t. I think it was in part because he received my antibodies through my milk. While not specific to the immune system, science writer Ed Yong breaks down why breastfeeding is so good for the microbiome in babies’ guts.

“Because, listen: I defy anyone to find a part of the human body, male or female, that is quite as tough as a pussy, save for the uterus.”

I’m not the biggest fan of Montessori, but I fully agree that learning through play is children’s work.

A parent’s reflections on learning to accept his son who was assigned female at birth.

What to Expect When You Know Someone Expecting a Trump Presidency. (This was one I quoted to Chris while laughing hysterically.)

Brilliantly, painfully, hysterically funny piece about a horrible experience. I suppose she can thank preeclampsia for getting published in McSweeney’s as well.

An urban adventure playground in the United States!! And in New York City – totally within driving or train-riding distance for us.

Shocking – when you provide affordable services to families, like day care and family leave, parents are less stressed and happier! Who would have thought?

Our assessments of the risk that other parents put their kids in has more to do with our moral judgments of them than the actual risk.

And if you missed it, I wrote about encouraging kids to explore, using cloth diapers, and the first Green Kids post on teaching kids how to compost.

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  1. Y’know, my son isn’t Montressori educated or anything, but about a year or so ago, he came up with the notion “Play is my work” independently. I’m constantly amazed at what he’s able to reason out on his own.

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