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This week, I had my first guest post over at Raising Nerd! A blog all about encouraging our nerds in the fields of science, math and engineering, I wrote about inspirational female scientists in the movies. And yes, I really did love Jurassic Park’s Ellie Stattler. Who doesn’t?

And now, your awesome articles for the week.

What if Harold’s mother had the purple crayon instead of him? She would set off on an adventure. (God, I love The Ugly Volvo.)

The difference between oversharing and storytelling about your life – and yes, there is one.

How to raise an environmentalist, from Yes Magazine. Basically, foster their connection to nature. It certainly worked for my parents!

Keeping nature notebooks, encouraging observation, reading nature poetry and more – all ways to help kids study nature.

The Girl Scouts in other countries are called Girl Guides. For this 27-year-old from Bolivia, the Girl Guides were essential to helping her become a climate change activist.

Five Things that Happened When I Stopped Making My Kids Share.

Honestly, the thing that probably helped these kids the most was having educated parents. But a lot of these ideas do teach valuable life lessons.

This post is seriously helping me manage my parenting anxiety. If your kids are coming to you when they have negative feelings, you’re probably doing okay. Seriously, read the whole thing though.

Kids in Japan are so independent there’s a reality TV show about three-year-olds running their first errands. But are they really more independent than Americans? Sort of.

Listening to stories is wonderful, but telling stories can be even more powerful.

About half the schools in Washington D.C. now have a garden. That’s awesome.

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