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Child and woman walking in a snow-covered yard.

And how was your holiday? Ours was full of snow, baby milestones, kids being cute, candy, whining, and way too many presents. We’re getting back on the sleep training bandwagon here, although that’s being hampered by the fact that Little Bird doesn’t want to drink from a bottle and instead just complains he’s thirsty all day. And now for your articles for the week!

Sending kids outside for four times a day sounds amazing! Education in Texas and Oklahoma is usually pretty crummy, but the LiiNK Project sounds like they’re a leader in this area. 

The Notorious RBG has advice for raising gutsy daughters.

Books + the outdoors = awesome.

It’s so easy to be jealous of Chris as a stay-at-home parent – until I’m with the kids by myself for a long time. Then I remember! Chris’s Type B personality actually makes him a much better stay-at-home parent than me. Here’s a great list to remember when I feel whiny about him.

‘All the black and brown people have to leave”: Trump’s scary impact on how kids think’” via Vox.

The eight-year-old transgender boy who was kicked out of Cub Scouts is by far the most mature and graceful person in this whole situation.

“Older child needs more attention than you currently have. Lose one turn, most of your sanity, and 1/3 of your hair due to postpartum shedding.” OMG yes.

Always stand tall. Rejoice in stages. Strong roots. True colors. Just a few lessons we can learn from trees!

“Unlike toddlers, you get to tell the crooks what to do” – Robin Burcell, a former hostage negotiator and mom of three.

Calvin’s dad from Calvin and Hobbes is one of the great characters in comics. Turns out Calvin’s acceptance of his dad’s hilariously inaccurate (but linear) explanations of science is actually pretty accurate.

I love this post about minimalism because it recognizes that asking overly generous grandparents to “just donate to a good cause” is absurd. Plus, it provides more helpful responses.

Some really cool activities for having fun in the brutal cold outside, including frozen bubbles!

An ode to Carrie Fisher, saying “bite me” to 2016, and ideas for productively approaching 2017. And always whispering that the dawn is coming.

If you missed it, I looked back on what worked (and what definitely didn’t) for my parenting in 2016, a guest post linking science and Mystery Science Theater 3000, and my lessons learned on how to be more present with my kids.

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