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Another day, another several times I scowl at my phone and click the angry or sad face on Facebook. So I’m launching a new feature on my blog’s Facebook page – Kindness Saturday! Each Saturday morning, I’m going to feature a person or a group standing up for the right thing, showing kindness, or otherwise loving their neighbor. When there’s so much that’s depressing, we need to be reminded of the good work people are doing. Come to the page tomorrow for my first one.

In the meantime, here’s some awesome links about what’s really important as a parent, surviving the Trump years, effective discipline, traveling with kids, and more.

I can totally see my son doing this once we talk about slavery more in-depth. I hope I have as thoughtful of a conversation as the author did with her daughter.

After the Women’s March, Now What? As a long-time activist, this is some seriously good advice. I’m also reading his book, No Impact Man, right now.

More than 1 in 4 children have an insecure bond with their parents. According to this study by the Sutton Trust, a British social research institution, establishing a secure emotional attachment with your kid early on is one of the most essential things you can do.

Parental engagement is so important – but so is having some time to yourself. I love the idea of solitude being like punctuation, just a short pause that makes everything go more smoothly.

Social media makes us all feel like imposters, but reality really is enough.

“This story is about me, learning to embrace who my child is, regardless of the plans and expectations I had for him.  And we all have plans and expectations for our children, even if we like to think we don’t.”

Why travel with kids, even if they don’t remember it?

This little guy is soft, cuddly, and has great mouth-feel!” Hilarious guide to baby gifts.

We’re only three weeks into the Trump presidency and 2021 is a long way away. Here are five ways to thrive despite the circumstances until then. (Bonus – I went to high school with this blogger!)

What if everything you knew about disciplining kids was wrong? I know about a lot of these methods because of positive parenting, but this article is about the effort to bring it into some of our most difficult schools and juvenile facilities.

A family therapist shares a great, simple summary of some of the most valuable things you can do for your kid.

We plan to go camping with a baby and a preschooler this summer, so I’ll be keeping these tips in mind.

While I don’t know about these as “skills,” there are a lot of good things in this article to keep in perspective in terms of what’s really important as a parent.

If you missed them, my baby reminds me of several more things that are not babies and ways my three-year-0ld is already more clever than I am.

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