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National Aquarium photo 2017

Our house has been dominated by colds, talks of birthdays, and our recent annual visit to the National Aquarium. Pro tip – on busy weekends, the National Aquarium in Baltimore issues timed tickets, which means you may not be able to enter the aquarium for hours after you buy the tickets. Second pro tip – the dragon boats on the harbor fill up with water if too many people sit on the same side. Wacky hijinks galore!

This week’s links include how to bring down the patriarchy on a bike, get a free book each month for your kids, and eventually stop feeling so damn tired as a mom.

What does your intentional bookshelf for your child look like?

I’m a sucker for “fancy clothes on bikes,” especially when they’re used to subvert expectations and call for justice.

“You mothers with newborns, you moms barely sleeping at night, don’t worry. You will be normal again. You will have energy again.”

A lovely tribute to the song and book We Shall Overcome. While MLK Day is over, it’s still Black History Month!

I read so many books that were probably “inappropriate” for me as a kid and I’m definitely the better for it. Why not-quite-appropriate children’s books are a wonderful thing, from the former editor of the amazing literary website The Toast.

Not a huge fan of Dolly Parton’s music myself, but I adore this effort. Her Imagination Library will send a free book to your baby to preschooler every month!

Do your kids roll their eyes when you want to go outside? Here’s some quick activities you can do in nature, whether you have 15 minutes or an hour.

Sometimes babies don’t sleep and there’s simply nothing you can do.

Sexism and racism are parenting issues. This is exactly why I blog about them too.

Woke kids are the best. Woke kids who happen to be the kid of one of my favorite bloggers? Even better.

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