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Photo: Man in blue polo shirt and baseball cap in front of a river holding up a sharp rock

My dad, passing on the fine tradition to my children of pretending random rocks are priceless arrowheads.

We’re on the edge of a big transition in our house – Little Bird’s first birthday is next week! We’re getting ready for it now, but in the meantime, here are some great articles. Our links this week cover the struggles of getting kids to bed at a “reasonable” time, the challenges of second kids, avoiding burnout in young idealists, and when to bring your baby to the emergency room.

Making every book a Choose Your Own Adventure can help your kids put themselves in the minds of the characters – an essential life skill!

I try people I TRY. And every day I feel the sun kissing my face with the promise of a new day, a new chance to get my kids to bed before 9pm. Or 9:30pm.” Exactly! And yet it never, ever happens. Gaaaaah.

Our kids can do hard things. We need to let them.

Won’t you be my neighbor? Daniel Tiger has lessons for parents as well as kids.

When should you bring your kid to the ER? Great guide to a tough subject.

Second kid is easier? Hahahahahaha.

Finding it hard to stay sane with the current state of politics? Here are some great ways to keep your spirit up.

Gorgeous retro-style photos from a mom of four in rural New Zealand, complete with kids playing with animal skulls.

As an idealist from a young age, these tips to prevent burnout would have been so useful to me and my parents when I was a kid.

Only 20% of kids say caring for others is their parents’ top priority for them. Here’s how we can change that.

Great reasons to let your kid play outside in any weather. If only my kid was more interested in doing it!

It’s easy to jump to a set of standard phrases when we’re frustrated. Here are 26 different alternatives we can use when both we and our kids are upset.

The past two weeks around here, you may have missed me reflecting on reaching my mid-30s (gulp!) and the wonders of Sprout’s imaginary friend.

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