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Photograph: Painting of the Jefferson Memorial framed in the branches of a cherry blossom tree

This guy was painting multiple paintings with multiple paintbrushes simultaneously. Seriously.

Spring has sprung, with flowers and thunderstorms in our area. We’ve even had water tables and bicycles out this week. With my parents now living in our area, Sprout had his second sleepover with them yesterday, where they plied him with ice cream and homemade cookies. Grandparents.

For your articles this week, we’ve got commentary on raising non-racist kids, Finland being awesome, being an ethical parent, and many other topics!

Writing was one of my big refuges when I was on maternity leave. It’s hard, but you can still write when you have small children.

Some of the examples here are ridiculous, but it’s true that spending money on travel than toys can result in more fun and more memories.

Activist communities that are truly family friendly provide childcare. But what do you do with those kids all day while the parents are busy?

I don’t care about the letter grades my kids have earned. I care about the people they are becoming.”

Margaret Wise Brown – the author of Goodnight Moon and so many other books – was a bisexual badass who didn’t even like kids very much!

Love in the time of transition – accepting your kid for everything they are, gender and all.

“Not you, you’re black,” said the girl, reaching out to touch my son. “You’re not white. Only white people can play.” What to do? How to do it? What to say? How to say it?

White kids who are anti-racist don’t just magically appear that way. They’re that way because we teach them about racism.

Why does Finland have the best schools?

Hiking with a baby is hard enough, but how about the entire Appalachian Trail?!

“I looked because while I was sitting in my living room watching my children play, Alan’s mother had drowned in a futile attempt to get him to safety.” On why truly looking at the photos of Syrian children is not optional.

What do you do when what’s best for your kid conflicts with what’s best for the greater good?

Parents do need self-care, but let’s not judge what’s “good” and “bad” self-care. (Also, does anyone actually think cleaning is self-care? Because that is bullshit.)

I do love some Easter candy, but it’s good to have sustainable, fun spring alternatives to fill the basket.

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