Guest Post on Slacktiverse: Being Civil About Your Disobedience

I have a guest post up over at the Slacktiverse on how to make the most of civil disobedience actions.  Even though I’ve never actually participated in one – fear of being kicked out of the country in the U.K. and of losing my job by being arrested while I was supposed to be at work in D.C. – I’ve received training on it and thought a lot about these issues.  So check out my post!

Here’s the first paragraph as a preview…

Much like the months leading up to the Occupy movement, people are getting fed up with toothless actions and lackluster policy solutions. Instead of banks and an unjust monetary system, the current focus is on the vast impacts of climate change. A number of demonstrators are participating in civil disobedience or direct action (as opposed to indirect actions like lobbying) and many others are stating their support. Even the venerable Sierra Club has gotten in on the action, with the Club’s executive director and president participating with the full backing of the organization for the first time. As someone who’s been involved in the climate movement for quite sometime and has been trained in these techniques (although never participated in them), I’ve noticed some ways these groups can maximize their impact.

Check out the Slacktiverse to read the rest!

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