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Just Streetcars: The National Capital Trolley Museum

“I love things that drive and move and moons,” Sprout announced to me the other day. When you’ve watched trains and ridden the Metro so many times you’ve lost count, what’s the mom of a transit-loving kid to do? Bring … Continue reading

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The Power of a Hug

My arms wrapped around him, grasping him, clutching him. I squeezed his sides as hard as I could. His back straightened under my arms. I closed my eyes and pressed my cheek against his chest. This scene has played out over and over again … Continue reading

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Green Kids: Eating Vegetarian

“Come on, try a broccoli tree,” I say, my voice taking on the edge of a whine. Sprout pokes at his broccoli with a finger. Most of the time in this situation, he tries at least one. For a three … Continue reading

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My Top Five Parenting Posts of 2016

2017 is in full swing, but it’s worth looking back on the good times of 2016. (Yes, there were some!) As part of a group of parenting bloggers, I’m participating in a round-up summarizing our most popular parenting posts of … Continue reading

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How to Be More Present and Mindful with Your Kids

Recovering from the chaos of the holidays, “improve mindfulness” or “be present” may be on the top of your New Years Resolutions list. I know it’s on mine! It’s especially hard to be present as a parent, when we’re pulled … Continue reading

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My Blogging Best of 2016

2016 was an interesting year, if you mean interesting in the “old curse” sense. While 2016 was the year where democracy apparently went to die (and not just because of Trump), I had a much better personal life than last year. It was … Continue reading

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What Worked and What Didn’t For My Parenting in 2016

Before we can look forward to our New Years resolutions, it’s useful to reflect back, examining what worked and what didn’t this year. In the best case scenario, you know what to continue; at worst, you know what to stop … Continue reading

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