The Best of 2014

2014 was a good year for me. I started to feel comfortable as a mom, had a very busy but productive year at work, and went on a lot of fun day trips with Chris and Sprout. It wasn’t without its frustrations and challenges, especially feeling inadequate as an adult and the discouraging state of current events. But New Year’s Eve makes it a great time to look back at my entries and posts from this year that chronicled both the ups and the downs.

WordPress gives you a “Year in Review” that shows your top entries for the year, all of which I thought were strong as well. They run the gamut from how a Doctor Who episode helped me with my fears about motherhood to how an emergency root canal exposed our economic privilege. So if you’re just showing up, here are the entries that got read the most this year:

Then there were a number of posts that weren’t the most popular, but I personally liked. They ranged from angry ranting about societal issues to a celebration of a local park. Some I thought were particularly well-written while others I was proud of the fact that I could be that open and honest (ahem, Breastfeeding Week).

I also had the opportunity to guest post at some really great blogs, so here were a few in case you missed them:

Then there’s the Twitter. Compared to many, I don’t tweet that much and most of them are links. But I did have a few short, funny observations throughout the year about my everyday life that I’ve gathered into a Storify post.

With that look back, I’m hopeful looking forward into 2015. I hope you join me for the ride!

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