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This week, I was a little obsessed with the foibles of small children, the terror that is Donald Trump, smart growth, and black history.

Sprout has his baffling moments in terms of eating – he oddly turned down pasta the other night! – but he’s nothing on Designer Daddy’s kid, who’s managed to eat toenails, sleeves, bathwater, and 16 other things since the last time he ate a vegetable.

With a second kid coming, I’m concerned about being overwhelmed by the number of toys we have. My friend Heather at A Walking Mama, who has three kids, has some nifty tips for keeping toys manageable: Part I and Part II.

Because the weather has been so warm, we’ve been trying to get outside as much as possible. While it’s actually hard for us to stargaze because of the city lights, this article from the Children and Nature Network has some great tips about star watching with kids.

Donald Trump as President scares the crap out of me. Besides his policies, even his rhetoric is poisoning our schools and children’s perspectives (Washington Post).

But when I’m scared of something, I’d rather laugh at it rather than cower in the corner. Lunarbaboon’s cartoon makes me chuckle, but what really cracks me up is Sprout saying, “Donald Grump has all the garbage.” (Okay, yes, it’s definitely because I’ve let him watch this clip from Sesame Street multiple times. No less funny.)

One of the best weapons against hatred is celebrating both what makes us the same and what makes us different. While Black History Month was in February, I was catching up with reading a “lost” Martin Luther King Jr. speech from 1964 (Democracy Now). I also watched a showing of the great play The Meeting about an imagined meeting between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

How we design our cities has a huge effect on how we live. Requiring businesses install a certain amount of parking hurts everyone who doesn’t drive, including our neighbors with the lowest incomes (Washington Post). Momentum Magazine has a breakdown of the Alliance for Bicycling and Walking’s impressive benchmark report, with lots of information on who bikes and walks and where.

And A Letter to You reminds us all that we’re fabulous (Five Kids is a Lot of Kids).

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