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Butterflies at the Smithsonian Natural History museum

Look at these beautiful butterflies instead of any inauguration nonsense. 

Is there something going on tomorrow? Instead of watching any hoopla on T.V. and contributing to the normalization of autocracy, check out these great articles. This week, there’s posts on mom climate activists, girls in the justice system, camping with toddlers, alternatives to the typical praises, and other challenges of modern parenting.

Never underestimate a mama bear – animal or human. These moms are being badasses to fight climate change.

More girls are going to jail, sometimes with devastating consequences, like the 16-year-old girl who recently died in custody. But isn’t because they’re getting more violent. Instead, the justice system is increasingly punishing them for trivial things, especially girls of color.

What’s the difference between evaluative and descriptive praise? The big difference between “good girl!” and “you were very patient while we waited in line.”

Praise for trying doesn’t mean much if you don’t accept when kids fail. Encouraging a growth mindset requires you actually encourage growth.

Some great tips to help your toddler sleep while you’re camping. Assuming that you don’t have drunken college students singing happy birthday until midnight like we did.

What do you tell your kids when there’s a hate crime in your neighborhood? Two bloggers write about what they did when swastikas were found on the playground equipment at Adam Yauch Park in Brooklyn, close to where they live: Brian Gresko at Quiet Revolution and Ilana Wiles at Mommy Shorts.

Baby carriers can be an important part of your toolkit for getting kids outside!

Giving your kids what they want in fantasy is one of the great tips in How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk. This is a fun spin on how to apply it to bedtime.

I know the dishes can wait because they are already waiting. I know the dishes can wait because they have waited for as long as they possibly can.” They don’t clean themselves, you know?

Preschool should be preschool, not kindergarten. The more academic a preschool is, the less kids learn, not more.

I want to focus like this when my husband needs me.

“Darling, we don’t play with our vulvas at the table.” Fantastic post on talking to little kids about sex.

If you missed it, I wrote about totally failing at filling out my younger son’s baby book and why I’m an activist mom.

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