The Exasperation of a Blank Baby Book

Photo: Baby book titled "Baby's First Year" on a tabletop; Text: "The Exasperation of a Blank Baby Book / We'll Eat You Up, We Love You So"

Blank. Just blank. The empty page after empty page of my eight-month-old’s baby book stared at me in accusation. Even his name wasn’t filled in. Really? Crap.

I specifically bought this book because it was supposed to be “easy.” Just a page a month for the first year. How much time could that take? Apparently too much.

Was it that I didn’t love Little Bird enough to bother chronicling his important moments? While the guilt that beats at my brain wanted that to be the right answer, I know in my heart it’s not true. I adore my children. And I’ve spent a ton of time and effort capturing their childhood. I probably have hundreds of photos of Little Bird alone, much less those with his brother.

In fact, Sprout’s baby book is pretty empty too. Much of it is filled in, but there are big gaps. In most cases, the spaces were the wrong size for our photos or the questions don’t even make sense. (What baby has a “favorite game” anyway? And neither of them can have a favorite pet because we don’t have one!)

And therein lies the problem. Our lives and those of our children are too vibrant, too full and too complex to be summed up in a book designed by someone else. We didn’t take a photo for Sprout’s first (or second or third) Valentines’ Day. However, we have a ton of him at the park. The story of Chris’ and my twelve year relationship before our kids were born can’t possibly fit in a few lines. On the other hand, I have absolutely nothing nothing to say about Little Bird’s real name. (If anything, we have more to say about the names we didn’t pick.)

The days and years are a tapestry of little and big moments, too tiny or too momentous to capture so simply. The book is static, whereas our kids are constantly growing and changing. The notes I keep in my phone of “Cute things [Sprout] has said” say more about him than his preferences at any one moment in time.

So why did I bother filling out the baby book anyway? Because I did, at least a bit.

The obvious answer is that I hate to waste something I spent good money on. There’s also the aforementioned mom guilt. Little Bird came too quickly for us to even order birth announcements – the least I could do is fill out his baby book.

But the bigger answer is that even though these books aren’t all-encompassing, they don’t have to be. They’re just a piece of the bigger record of our lives, which includes all of the photos, my notes, and even this blog. They’ll give us something nice to pull out when the kids are older and pouring through the thousands of digital photos is too onerous.

If I can allow the baby books – just like all of the other rituals – to take their appropriate place in my life rather than causing me undue stress, then they’ll serve their purpose after all.

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7 thoughts on “The Exasperation of a Blank Baby Book

  1. Ha!

    I am working on a homeschool project right now with the kids to co-create the photo album because like you this one slid off the priority list. However, we are having maybe more fun now doing it together than if I had just done it for them. Plus, they get to hear stories behind the pictures that now at 4 & 6 may be remembered that a baby or toddler wouldn’t.

    Just found it funny that this was the topic of a post for you… wonder how many other parents/guardians of kids between 3-6 also find themselves thinking about this. Bet it is a typical “failure” that people in the hustle-bustle culture we are in beat themselves up over.

    Thanks for the smile.



    • That’s brilliant! I like how you turned what could feel like a failure into an opportunity to bond with your kids. There’s so much that we “should” do as parents these days that it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that none of it is actually required!

  2. I got rid of my baby books. My first two kids were so close, I wasn’t keeping up with #1 when #2 came along. I had a file cabinet with stacks of mementos…and then came #3. I just couldn’t do it. Their stories are chronicled in pictures and my writing. (I hope they never ask me for their baby books…but if they do, I’ll just have to tell them to “read the book.”)

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