Finding Space for Beauty Over and Over Again

Photo of a sunrise with silhouetted trees. On top of it, a screenshotted message from a cell phone saying "Storage Almost Full"

Finding space for beautiful things in our lives can feel impossible. After all, they’re so full. How can we fit in any more?

My phone has persistently reminded me of this fact over the last few months. It’s given me the “almost out of space warning” at least 30 times. I’ve deleted old videos, apps I’ve used twice, and music I haven’t listened to in years.

When a radiant sunrise caught my attention the other day, I picked up my phone to take a photo. Of course, I got that “out of space” warning. In response, I cleared out even more “stuff” so I could capture that moment. That shining, beautiful moment.

Because that’s what we do as moms – we find space, however we can.

We say goodbye to things that no longer serve us, whether they’re high-heeled shoes, baby items or societal expectations. We put aside items and ideas of success that once seemed important but no longer fit who we are. We trade unencumbered life for sloppy hugs and kisses. We arrange schedules, priorities, and our entire lives to be moms. To fit in what’s important.

Except sometimes we don’t. We get that “out of space” message and we ignore it over and over again. We run ourselves ragged pursuing All The Things.

And we pay for it. We get the flu or miss the big game or forget picture day or snap at our kids.

In those moments, we need to remember all of the times we did figure it out. When we’ve let go of the old so we could open our arms to the new. Because you have done it before and you will again.

Now in this New Year, let us make space for those moments, find them, and hold them close.

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