My 2018 Wish for You

Goodbye 2017; hello, 2018!

The world felt like it went to hell in 2017, but you know what? It was an opportunity for us to fight for what we believe in harder than ever before. Even – and especially – when it felt like we may lose. As my morbid but truthful friend says about our bodies’ continual wars against death: “And even if it looks like defeat is assured, like there is no hope, like we absolutely cannot win… well, we can handle an unwinnable war on ten million fronts, what’s one more?”

In 2018, we’ll continue to fight that good fight for us and our kids.

But I hope within all of that difficulty and challenge that you take time and space to have fun.

Because a better world isn’t mainly born from yelling and protesting. It’s built through creating community, building relationships, and loving people where they are. It’s making places where people feel safe and accepted. Where you can celebrate together.

So we did just that last night. We invited a bunch of friends over for an “all-ages” New Years party. The kids were high on sugar and relished playing with the preschool’s worth of toys in our basement. The adults chatted and noshed on cookies. We did the Netflix kids’ countdown – after all, it’s midnight somewhere! – and everyone was gone by 10.

It was chaotic and fun and wonderful. It was a reminder of the fact that loving people without reservation is truly radical. Even though several of my friends are going through rough times, it seemed like everyone felt comfortable and joyous here. Sometimes a party is just what you need.

Happy New Years to you and yours. I hope that 2018 brings you strength and hope. Most of all, wherever you are, I hope it inspires radical love and kindness. Because that’s how we’re going to change the world – together. Always together.

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