Outdoors Family Challenge: Day 2 Experience


“We talked about how it was different from the spiderweb at the house.” (The one outside our kitchen window.)

My husband took on the Outdoors Family Challenge responsibilities today! (For instructions on today’s prompt, check out Day 2 – Walking and Biking to a Destination.) I have a long commute and often don’t get home until 6:30, so I knew it would be hard to walk anywhere further than the park (which is literally across the street) before dinner.

Chris decided to walk to our downtown area with the kids, which at a mile away, is fairly ambitious. Here’s what they saw, with quotes from my husband:

Fire hydrant.JPG

“I told him mommy wanted a photo of what you would see. So he went to the next car, pointed at it and said ‘Cheese!’ But I was not taking a photo of every single car.”


“I thought it would be a good picture.” Sprout loves pushing the stroller, so it wasn’t really that posed.


“He loves jumping off of rocks.” Apparently, Sprout just stood on the top of the rock singing for quite some time.

While not as quiet or succinct as my dad, Chris isn’t exactly as loquacious as I am.

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